[USA Film Fest Interview]…’Gallows Road’ Star Ernie Hudson

It’s been 30 years since Ernie Hudson starred in Ghostbusters and even today, he’s still working non-stop. After all, he has the tools and he has the talent, right? He’s also got a heart as big as Texas and Hudson’s latest role finds him starring in Gallows Road. Bill McAdams Jr.’s film is a modest effort, […]

[USAFF Review]…Finding Neighbors

Director Ron Judkins draws from personal experience in his latest film, Finding Neighbors. His latest effort is a story about an author who has reached the end of his professional career. Caddyshack’s Michael O’Keefe (in the film) has rode out his wave of fame, and, over a period of 30 years, has seen all that […]

[USAFF Review]…Fading Gigolo

John Turturro writes and directs his fifth film, Fading Gigolo, and weaves an interesting narrative to say the very least. In short, Fading Gigolo is about John Turturro and Woody Allen playing, no joke, “a pimp and a prostitute.” Let that sink in, because you probably won’t believe it until you see it. No, this […]

[USA Film Fest Interview]…’Frontera’ Writer/Director Michael Berry

Michael Berry is an actor and director of stage and film and most recently completed production on the feature film Frontera. Directed and co-written by Berry, the film stars Ed Harris, Michael Pena, Eva Longoria and Amy Madigan. Previous to that he directed and co-produced two award winning short films, Mira and Day of the […]

[USAFF Review]…Frontera

Michael Berry, an actor and stage performer in a past life, comes out of nowhere with his directorial debut Frontera. A gripping drama, his passion project follows on the heels of just two short films, award winning though they may be. Frontera is an emotionally gripping narrative about a family in Mexico struggling to make […]

[USA Film Fest Interview]…’Finding Neighbors’ Writer/Director Ron Judkins

Oscar-winning sound engineer and filmmaker Ron Judkins earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He then began his motion picture career as a sound recordist and editor for public television. In January of 1998 Ron began production on his feature directorial debut, The Hi-Line. The project premiered in the Dramatic Competition at the 1999 Sundance […]

[USA Film Fest Interview]…’Fading Gigolo’ Writer/Director/Star John Turturro

The Dallas-based USA Film Festival (which runs 4/22-4/27) kicked off on Thursday, April 22nd. Prior to the opening night ceremonies, John Turturro brought his new film Fading Gigolo to Dallas to open the festival. His latest is narrative is about a NY native who when faced with losing his job enters into the world’s oldest […]

The 44th Annual USA Film Festival Runs April 22–27

The 44th Annual USA Film Festival (which runs April 22 – 27, 2014) features lots of high profile guests this year. Among them, actor, author and native Dallasite Stephen Tobolowsky returns to his home town to host his program in the Festival. All programs will be held at the Angelika Film Center and if you’re in […]

42nd Annual USA Film Festival – Schedule of Events

April is a busy month if you’re a film fan and from state to state you’ll likely find no shortage of great (sometimes back to back) film festivals. New York has Tribeca, Boston has the Independent Film Festival of Boston (which our own Andrew Crump is covering) and Dallas has two that nearly overlap. The Dallas […]

USA Film Festival & Angelika Film Center Host 'A Tribute to STUDIO GHIBLI'

As many of you already know I am a HUGE fan of the works and films of Studio Ghibli. That said, I wanted to let all you Dallas area film fans with a fondness for the works of Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and the gifted story tellers from Studio Ghibli know about a 2 day […]