Music Review…’Metal Gear Solid’ on Vinyl is Simply Solid

​​In 1998, Metal Gear Solid took the world by storm​ ​with its story, and genre-bending gameplay​. ​Even by today’s standards (standards it defined, let’s be honest), it is still tough to ​top​. Really, everything about MGS raised the bar for ​continuing entries in the series as well as video games across the board. One major […]

G-S-T Top 10 – Awesome Video Games Dying To Be Movies

Taking a huge cue from last year’s Screen Rant article and Castor’s own list, I’ve been toying with/drafting this for a while now and been debating whether or not to finish it…but I guess they were just the catalysts I needed:) Here are 10 games that I am soooo looking forward to seeing on the big screen. Problem […]