While You Were Out…1/31 – 2/4

Yup, the Super Bowl is almost upon us and it’s pretty effen snow, cold, icy and more here in lovely Dallas. If it’s any consolation, fans of both the Packers and Steelers should feel right at home. Hey boys, don’t say the Big D never did anything for you:P This week we had some good […]

While You Were Out…1/10 – 1/14

Well, another week has gone by and again I’ve been tied up beyond belief. On the bright side, work is good, life is good and things are awesome. The down side is that I’ve been neglecting G-S-T as well as everyone else’s awesome blogs (read: my entire blogroll) and that makes me sad. Don’t worry […]

While You Were Out…12/13 – 12/17

So here we are with another pretty interesting week…In case you missed it (as I did again working pretty hard and also trying to stay on schedule with my 12 Days of Kurosawa) here’s what happened this week:

While You Were Out…12/6 – 12/10

Hello World, Marc Here: I’ve been pretty busy with work and holiday planning, so I have decided to add a new section to Go, See,Talk called “While You Were Out“. In short, it’ll be a round up of sorts, allowing anyone (e.g. Me) who took their finger of the the pulse of the film world […]