G-S-T Year In Review – Jessica's 2012 Wrap Up

Being the Indie lover that I am, I’ve decided to stick to independent titles only for my 2012 Wrap Up. After a fairly disappointing 2011, this year brought us so many amazing films it is difficult to chose only ten to discuss here, and with the limitations of the categories below, I am leaving out […]

G-S-T Year in Review – Marc’s 2012 Wrap Up

Year in and year out, from festivals to multiplexes the world over, film fans brave the dark of the cinema and are treated to what filmmakers have spent months/years crafting. The result? A mixed bag of titles from independent pictures to studio tent poles and with productions that range from shoe-string labor of loves to all […]

G-S-T Year in Review – Andrew’s 2012 Wrap Up

I’m willing to admit that last year, I talked 2011 a bit more than necessary. Not that my feelings on the year were dishonest; contrary to many, I thought well of 2011, a year that didn’t contain a plethora of lasting classics but still offered a lot of excellent cinema for our viewing pleasure. But […]

G-S-T Year in Review – Grady’s 2012 Wrap Up

This year we survived “The End of the World” and some bad movies as well.  But, there were some truly amazing movies that were released this year.  Sadly I have not seen every major release this year, but I tried my best. With that being said, here are my picks of the best/worst of 2012. […]

G-S-T Year in Review – Marc's 2011 Wrap Up

Last year at G-S-T, we started our own unique year end Top 10. This year we have another batch of films we’d like to hi-light as being equally good, bad or something in between. Smiles, laughs and cries were had and just like our list last year, I didn’t see everything we wanted to but […]

G-S-T Year In Review – Bill's 2011 Wrap Up

Editor’s Note: Go,See,Talk presents this Top 10 post from our guest contributing writer Bill Graham. Writing for movie blogs like The Film Stage and Collider.com, Bill has seen many of this year’s high profile and most anticipated films. In the coming weeks Bill will be writing for Go,See,Talk as a contributing writer but for now have […]

G-S-T Year In Review – Andrew's 2011 Wrap Up

2011 is almost over and our new writer Andrew Crump of A Constant Visual Feast  has compiled his list of year end Award Winners for Go,See,Talk. Not content to have just one wrap up post, Andrew actually created 2 “Best Of” lists (the other you’ll find here and here on his site). Have a look at […]

G-S-T Year In Review – Grady’s 2011 Wrap Up

This year went by pretty fast and like Ferris Bueller once said about life, “if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it“. Well, a decent number of films got by me, but I managed to lock in on a few of the best (and worst) of 2011. With […]