Terminator: Uncertainty

That’s what I’d call the newest T-film.  I don’t really know what to think about this movie.  For me, growing up with T2 was one of the first “mind blowing” films I’d experienced and that set the bar waaaay up.  I never thought it could be topped nor did I think they would attempt another Terminator film…I was right and wrong respectively.

Although T2 was tough act to follow, I didn’t not like Rise of the Machines, nor did I think the film was sacrilegious, it just felt more like a TV series than a follow up to its predecessor (The Sarah Connor Chronicles seems to follow in the vein of this film).  But my problem, over and beyond the plot, was the cast.  It looked like Arnold struggled a bit (be it the material or the whole movie itself) but he still entertained.  My personal opinion is that Nick Stahl and Claire Danes were the wrong fit in this movie and made their screen time feel weak and awkward.  At the end it felt like a watered down T2 but there were some surprises and the “no-holds barred” bathroom action.  At first, I hated the ending.  Then a few days later, it hit me…that’s why they called it Rise of the Machines.  Not the 20 minutes of machine carnage in the base, but the fact that you can’t stop the future.  John Connor is supposed to lead man against the machines in the future.  And over the years, the Machines would advance and lead us up to the events that sent Kyle Reese back in the first place.

So for 6 years I waited (but not holding my breath mind you) for the next installment.  Over time, I heard Christian Bale was attached (Yeah!!), and James Cameron (possibly as a writer…still a step up) and McG (huh??) and then I sat back confused.  Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and a laundry list of music videos teams up with Batman Begins and maybe the magician behind Titanic??  Cameron’s possible attachment could possibly be good news but I hope he doesn’t develop Lucas-itus after his years of inactivity.  I immediately thought of Reign of Fire…great premise, but ultimately mixed and rather bland results.

With its release in May, Terminator: Salvation looks to start off the summer action films early (and to steal away as much “robot” ticket money as possible before Transformers 2 comes out the last week in June).  I should feel excited but then again I saw Full Throttle and Reign of Fire on cable a few weeks ago, and now, I’m not so excited.  I will put some faith in Bale’s superior talents to power this one through and simply say that I’m…”holding out for a hero”.

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  • mcarteratthemovies

    Uncertainty’s a good word for my feelings about the new “Terminator.” The look of it was fantastic, as were the special effects, but the acting … not so much. Christian Bale disappointed me. What’s his deal with the gravelly voice and the whispering? Bryce Dallas Howard was totally wasted. Overall, I’m just not sure if the franchise is headed in the right direction.