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TFW 2011 – Closing Night Recap

Unfortunately I missed Saturday’s events but Sunday was sort of a free for all, replete with the funniest Q&A I’ve ever attended. I’ll be brief and let you look at all the pictures and have a listen to The Boondock Saints Q&A session. A special bonus for all you Saints fans, I wasn’t able to arrange an interview with all three of them but I did catch David Della Rocco in the lobby and he graciously agreed to a very off the cuff inteview.

Check that out at the very bottom after the more random but interesing photos from the last day.

This side splitting Q & A session was expertly hosted by Mark of BigFanBoy.com

Can’t wait to see this shot (of me and the whole audience flipping Norman off in return) on his Twitter page…

The Boondock Saints (Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus & Daviad Della Rocco) Q & A Part 1 below:

Saints Q&A by ridgeracer4

The Boondock Saints (Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus & Daviad Della Rocco) Q & A Part 2 below:

Saints Q & A 2 by ridgeracer4

Along for the ride as my assistant was not Mrs. Go,See,Talk but my old co-worker and fellow film afficinado Jessica. FYI, Jessica has worked on TV shows like The Good Guys and the praised but cancelled Lone Star. So that said, on Sunday she got to meet some of her heroes including Malcolm McDowell and Sean Patrick Flanery (plus she did get a shot with Robert Englund which was taken with her cell phone).

Now this was an extra special surprise to the convention. Malcolm McDowell had a Q&A session (that I missed, ugggg) but the actual prop chairs (provided by 20cdesign.com) from the Korova Milk Bar were brought on stage much to his surprise/delight.

But the real treat was the chance for uber fans (and Jessica below) to take a pic while sitting in them…

Sid Haig is a regular at TFW. I was so bummed last year when I got a terrible picture with Sid Haig so I just had to get a redeeming shot with him especially after being uberly impressed with his round table discussion.

This is better but still not great due to the lack of the flash (this late in the convention he had to limit the amount of flashes due to double cataract surgery).

It’s at conventions like this that you never know when an obscure but interesting photo-op would present itself; case in point. I wonder what in the world they could have been talking about:P

So towards the end of the day the lines were nearly depleted and it was the perfect chance for lingering fans to really get some quality time with the celebrities. Cary Elwes, I think, had the biggest billing and I got to talk with him for about 20 minutes. As a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli (if you couldn’t already tell from our Miyazaki Madness tournament) I was very interested to hear his experiences about his voice work on Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns.

Cary had actually never heard of Miyazaki before his studio friend presented him with the project but after seeing the films he was immediately on board. Now as a purist I’ve not been too fond of English dubs but in the case of Cary, he was cast to perfection playing The Baron. That said it was a joy to meet him and discuss his involvement in those two films as well get him to talk about Days of Thunder and autograph The Princess Bride DVD for Mrs. Go,See,Talk:)

And finally after a long day, here’s this final shot I got with “The Funny Man” followed by the very impromptu interview. We discussed his upcoming work, his Boondock Saints experience and I think you fans should really appreciate the very last question I ask of Mr. David Della Rocco;)

David Della Rocco – Impromptu Interview by ridgeracer4

Even though I got to meet John Carpenter and George Romero last year, I have to say this year’s TFW was the best yet. Go,See,Talk would to heartily and graciously thank Forte Public Relations for arranging this year’s TFW and for allowing us to have a Press badge.

In closing we met lots of great bloggers, film personalities and some new friends including Jarod from The Movie Pool, and Joe from Terrorscribe. We’re sooo looking forward to next year for sure!! See you then!!