"The Halloween Monster Mash" Is Over!!

Well friends, “The Halloween Monster Mash” has come to a close. Over the past 4 weeks it’s been a knock down drag-out grudge match to crown the baddest horror monster. The match-ups have yielded some expected advances but also a few upsets here and there. But it’s all in anticipation and appreciation of Halloween so I hope you had some fun. Anyway it was a pretty tremendous turnout so thanks to the many visitors and all those who cast their votes.

So without further ado I present the winner of GoSeeTalk’s Halloween Monster Mash…

That’s right scare fiends and gore hounds: proving that he’s really the stuff that nightmares are made of, Pinhead, the unholy leader of the Cenobites, took Freddy Krueger to the proverbial woodshed and now stands tall as the Monster Mash champion. Beating out Freddy for the title means that Pinhead gets to wear the winner’s crown himself (but good luck trying to hang it on him).

Well now that it’s all over, we can get ready for Halloween night. So if you haven’t got your costume together have a look at some of our super easy last minute ideas, or if you’re in the mood for scary flicks and need some ideas, we’ve got some suggestions too.

Whaddya say horror fans…You happy with the winner of “The Halloween Monster Mash”? Who did you think was going to win??