The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable Series – The Composers

THR_Composers 2013It’s no secret that we at GST are huge film score fans. One thing that makes us happier than seeing these amazing composers get their day in the sun at awards time is the attention The Hollywood Reporter gives them in their famous roundtable  sessions. THR puts out a series of videos like the one below each year which group famous or influential directors, actors, even studio executives and casting agents and get them to candidly talk about their process.

Well this year they’ve expanded it to focus on breakout performances as well as animators (Miyazaki is sorely missing if you ask me) which is cool but this is and has always been the one session I’m most interested in. THR (check out their YouTube channel here) does a wonderful job on these – asking just enough questions and letting the talent run and riff on things – and nothing makes us happier than seeing composers get their due. So have a look at the video below and enjoy.

The seasoned composers above turned in some amazing work (multiple times) in 2013 and videos like this, filmed late December last year, let us get a glimpse into their amazing process and the hugely collaborative effort known as the filmmaking process.

Hans Zimmer (12 Years a Slave, Rush), Christophe Beck (Frozen), Henry Jackman (Captain Phillips), Thomas Newman (Saving Mr. Banks), Steven Price (Gravity) and Alan Silvestri (The Croods) all help deliver that intangible but indelible emotional through-line in their films. Plus the music stands apart from the movie which speaks to their impressive musical talents was well. These videos tend to be a good barometer for awards season (and to a degree The Golden Globes) so we’ll see just how well THR did when the rest of the nominations are announced by the end of this month. In our opinion we think they mostly nailed it.