'Thor 2' Set Images Toe the Camp Line

…and I love ’em. Courtesy of an article published yesterday on Bleeding Cool, we now have our first glimpse of the dark elves of Thor: The Dark World, along with an individual figure who is 99% likely to be Chris Eccleston suited up in his role as Malekith the Accursed, the film’s heavy. (More accurately: one of the film’s numerous heavies. Tom Hiddleston isn’t done with Loki yet.)

While I wasn’t particularly fond of the first Thor film (despite Chris Hemsworth’s abundant charisma), I do think that the characters boasts an enormous amount of stand-out potential in a world of cinematic superheroes who can identify their point of origin as scientific– a radioactive spider bite, a gamma ray incident, a super soldier serum, or plain old technological genius. Marvel’s version of Thor is straight out of fantasy canon, a god who lives in a world of neighboring deities both greater and lesser than he and countless monsters and fantastical races on all sides. So seeing these images suggests nothing but good things for the sequel, which by all accounts sounds like a much grimmer than the 2010 film.

Above, you can see a small company of dark elves in their fantastically campy armor; below, we instead have Chris Eccleston (again, most likely!) standing out amidst a group of his similarly-garbed soldiers. If anything else, the images  strongly suggest that Alan Taylor (director of more than a quarter of HBO series Game of Thrones‘ total episodes) was an excellent choice for the helm. Thor: The Dark World opens in theaters on November 8th, 2013.

(Source: Bleeding Cool)