Those Crazy Brits…'The Inbetweeners Movie' Sequel Confirmed For Summer 2014

The Inbetweeners_HeaderSometimes there are characters just so zany and outlandish yet so lovable and endearing that they simply just can’t go away. Well if you are fans of the incorrigible teens, or “inbetweeners”, Will, Jay, Simon and Neil then you should be pretty happy to hear that 2014 will offer fans a sequel to their raucous and rave-based 2011 film.

Recently it was announced that a sequel to the The Inbetweeners Movie has been greenlit and it can be expected next Summer in the UK. No word on the US release schedule but no matter, the good news is that the sequel is happening. Not sure where they’ll go with the story but if they could make 8 American Pie films (4 proper, 4 name-based DTV titles) then this should shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, right?

The unnamed sequel will begin filming later this year and in an official statement creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley had this to say about the project:

“We couldn’t be more excited to be making another Inbetweeners movie with Simon, Joe, James and Blake. Frankly it’s pathetic how much we’ve all missed each other. A new chapter in the lives of the Inbetweeners feels like the very least we can do to thank the fans for their phenomenal response to the first movie.”

There’s not a whole lot to go on right now but at the very least we can expect to laugh at the events that befall our hapless and pitiful heroes as they continue to stumble hilariously over every hurdle life places in their way. Now if you aren’t familiar with the eclectic friends featured in the header image there’s plenty of time to play catch up as both the series (which ran from 2008 to 2010) and the movie are available on Netfilx Instant. We highly recommend this by the way and you can zip through it all in a weekend.

Right now The Inbetweeners Movie 2 is slated for an early August 2014 release date in the UK. What say you all? Sound like good news??