Timothy Dalton's latest: 'The Tourist'

Well this is a good way to end the week if you ask me. From Screen Rant, we get news of one of my favorite (and yes Ruth, underrated) actors joining a talented cast for an upcoming role which sounds like a winner already.

In The Tourist, an American (played byJohnny Depp) travels to Italy after a heartbreak  and meets up with a beautiful woman (played by Angelina Jolie). While their encounter appears accidental, it really is more deliberate than it lets on and the two get caught up in some dicey espionage. Does this sound similar to her characters in Wanted and Mr & Mrs Smith to anyone else?

So where does that put the former 007 in this affair? Well we don’t really know but the 4th James Bond will be playing something which we hope will be more than just a passing character. Could he also be a spy? or government agent perhaps? My gut says maybe, but we’ll just have to wait and see. However anything with Timothy Dalton attached just makes me happy. Further, the news that he’s not playing in yet another “Merchant Ivory” picture is even more reason to cheer. Though I doubt he’ll be nothing less than stellar, I’m sure he won’t be a retread of quirky convirnent store owner Simon Skinner in Hot Fuzz.

What has me more excited for this film than of course hearing Dalton’s attachment, is that Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, The Way of the Gun) has penned the script. But it has also been revised by William Wheeler (of The Hoax) so I don’t know what that’s all about. Either way, that just brought news of this from AWESOME to RIGHTEOUS!!

No exact date set but currently The Tourist is slated for a 2011 release. Sound like an interesting premise? Any of you Dalton fans excited? I know I am:)


  • rtm

    You bet I’m excited, Marc! I just posted my belated b’day post to Tim and I’m planning to post about The Tourist also (hey never too many posts to welcome Tim’s return to mainstream cinema, right?), plus, it stars another fave underrated actor of mine: Rufus Sewell. Yes, isn’t that great he’s going to be in a contemporary flick that’s such a high profile? My gut says he could be playing Angelina’s spy boss or something, or maybe the head villain? Though I’d rather see him as the good guy this time. In any case, hope this is the first of many great roles for him.

    • Marc

      Ruth, I’m with you in thinking he’ll be some boss, but hopefully he’ll be some sort of mentor, like Brendan Gleeson was in In Bruges. I really don’t care what he plays as long as he’s attached to something. But the cast on this looks impressive so I don’t think anyone will be a side character.