Twilight Breaks Dawn In Dallas

On Wednesday evening, four members of the insanely popular Twilight franchise touched down here in Dallas as part of a 5 city press tour. Partaking in all the Twi-hard fun was the one and only Mrs. Go,See,Talk who was one of the few people who won a contest to meet the visiting stars Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Charlie Bewley at the event here in town. I thought it would be a little fun to have her write her experience (not as a correspondent mind you, but a star struck fan) so have a look at her recap of her fun but all to brief star-studded night after the jump…


Winning is something that has never happened to me until this past Monday when I got the email that I had won a photo op with the cast of Twilight! (Scream!!!!). After getting the email that morning it took my husband a while to bring me back to reality and for me to realize that life goes on and I would be late for work if I didn’t snap out of it.

I had three days to dream about what it would be like to meet Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Charlie Bewley. Three days to worry about what I would wear, what would I say, what would I wear?!?

Finally Wednesday night came and I took my friend Emily with me since she’s who started me on this Twilight craze (before the Twi-hard phenomenon I might add, thanks Em!). We walked in at the end of the red carpet to see the backs of Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone. It was kind of surreal. I can definitely say that this was a great experience and one that I have never had the privilege to have before.

But…(and there’s always a B U T) the PR department could have really used some help. Nothing followed schedule. All events were at least 30-45 minutes late, and there was no alcohol being served. Sober, hungry lady standing for an hour and a half in 4 inch heals waiting for something to happen equals disaster. But I put on my good face and tried to remember, “Im getting to meet them, I’m getting to meet them” and we missed the Q&A session because I had to stand in yet another line for the pictures. The huge downer though was that only the contest winners were allowed to go back there in the room, which I was kind of bummed out about. Emily is my hype girl…who else could I trust would make sure the picture was absolutely perfect?

We were shuffled in like cattle. I handed my iPhone to one of the staff members since they would be taking the picture. I was hoping that whoever it was had done this before and had some minute experience in photography. I first had my picture taken with Christina Perri. I don’t know a lot about her other than the 3 awesome songs she performed on stage (and she has a great voice btw) but was presently surprised at how nice she was. She actually talked to me! I think we could be best friends. Ha!

Promptly after that picture was taken, I was ushered to where the next set up, where the cast of Twilight was standing. I kind of blacked out from there. I remember something about saying “Congratulations” and thinking, wow Nikki Reed is tiny! I would have loved to stay all night, had a slumber party and talked gossip about the other cast members that didn’t show, but I was escorted to the exit before I realized it was over. All that waiting for less than a minute of my “meet que”.

But it was worth every minute! Thank You for the chance of a lifetime! You truly made one sober, hungry girl in 4 inch heels very happy!


I’m so glad Mrs. Go,See,Talk had a great time and now she’s got the “meeting celebrities” itch. She’ll probably want to follow me around to more round tables, interviews and participate in festival/convention coverage I suppose. We’ll that’s great because I could use a camera man, er woman:P Thanks again to bigfanboy for making my wife an even bigger Twilight fan!!


  • Marianne Ferguson

    Well written piece (and funny)! It must have been awesome, even if it was brief, and I’m glad you had this experience!!