V the Miniseries – The Remake

As a kid V was the first time I remember being intrigued and scared of alien creatures.  V was HUGE in the 80’s and anyone who was alive in that decade should remember it.  It was ground breaking, original, and most of all kind of fun…also it featured a much more clothed Marc Singer than his Beastmaster attire.

Anyway, For those of you in the know or anyone out there who cares about the remake here is the trailer for your enjoyment:


In the past months, there had been rumblings about the remake of the movie event as a series.  While I kind of cringed, I secretly wanted to see it, mainly to see how the computer effects could enhance the story if nothing else.  From a simply a plot stand point, I think, it was one of the most clever and intriguing takes on the War of the Worlds basic story frame (yes, even better than Independence Day).  I only remembered glimpses of the original when it was on a re-run (but ripping the face off kind of sticks with a 7 year old) and saw the whole series when I was around 14 ( I had to rent the VHS from the video store).  But after seeing it just 10 years later it looked dated and downright cheezy in parts, so a CG update could help where the original was lacking.

Anyways, the trailer looks OK, kind of passable, I just think that this might suceed from viewers looking to go on a notaliga trip but with better effects.  How about you all?  You craVing this new seriesssss?