Venom: The Spin-Off…or 'Year One' or…

I believe the list could go on and on about possible titles for the separate Venom story that has been “green-lit” for production.  News of this came up last week and I had to put some thought to what I wanted to say about the Venom stand-alone.  Many people (fans mainly) are rejoicing, others are groaning, and the rest as asking…”didn’t he die?’  Well to the film viewers who aren’t comic book readers, Venom has come back more times than Jason Voorhees but as different incarnations.  I’ll admit that I don’t know much about him aside from the symbiot alien facts.

To me Spider Man 3 was just “too many cooks in the kitchen”.  If you had one less villain it would have been easier to give the more important villain the emphasis it deserved, but instead it watered down the intensity and ended very disappointingly.  I think Sony realized that the fans didn’t think that Spidey’s greatest foe should have been handled with a poor miscast and his creative but untimely demise.  Even though I am a passing comic fan, even I knew how demeaning it was to off someone as legendary a villain as Venom in one film.  It goes more to what I wrote about when I said that Hollywood cannot cram decades of mythology and popularity into such a short time on screen and expect fans to be happy with a nice tied up little ending.  People always want more…and I think this is Sony’s way to make it up to the fans, so this could serve as double duty.  I’ve always wanted to see Carnage on screen but that’s just me.

Since the news of the Venom film is only in the idea phase, so many things will be decided in its development.  I’m looking forward to a better casting role, and the possibility of this film having nothing to do with Spider-Man but a few “name drop” references like they did at the end of Batman Begins.

I’d be up to see if Venom could carry his own weight in a feature film.  Let’s pray it works better than The Punisher (any of them, really).  What do the rest of you think?