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Video Interview…Richard Kaufman Conducts Hollywood Classics for The Dallas Symphony

Symphonic Oscars DSOOver the years, we’ve made acquaintances with all manner of filmic and musical personalities. While feigning journalistic pursuits, we at GoSeeTalk are really just a bunch of fan boys. As such, interviews are probably the most rewarding part of running the site. While getting to meet someone who has a hand in the film business is one thing, repeated contact with anyone we’ve bee lucky enough to meet (so much so that you could almost equate it to friendship) is continually rewarding.

All that said, we are just thrilled any time we get to chat with Richard Kaufman. The man has led an incredible life when it comes to film, and film music. Seriously, take a minute and do an Internet search, we’ll wait.

While we are some months removed from the frenzy of awards season, the Dallas Symphony, seemingly relishing in nostalgia, has put together a fantastic concert event filled to the brim with sweeping, energetic, and, most importantly, enduring themes. And who do you expect to find at the podium of this glitzy and golden tribute to Hollywood greats like Williams, Silvestri, and Elfman? That’s right, Maestro Kaufman.

Dallas Symphony 2016

This three night event encapsulates everything we love about film music. The themes are not just chosen by Richard because of their resonance and dynamic qualities, but when played by world-class musicians like the Dallas Symphony, themes to Jaws, Batman, even Father of the Bride become a whole new, and entirely thrilling experience.

One thing to note – because of Richard’s connection to John Williams (he played violin on six of John’s iconic scores), John loaned Richard the music to the Love Theme from Superman. It comes from John’s personal library – the music has never been made available – so hearing it live was a real treat. Enjoy our time with Richard and check out the play order below.

The “Symphonic Oscars” is a three night event. The tribute (to Hollywood as a whole more than the famous golden statues) runs May 13-15 exclusively with the Dallas Symphony.

Symphonic Oscars DSO set listTo find our more about this concert experience and future performances, head to MyDSO.com now!!