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While You Were Out…12/6 – 12/10

Hello World, Marc Here:

I’ve been pretty busy with work and holiday planning, so I have decided to add a new section to Go, See,Talk called “While You Were Out“. In short, it’ll be a round up of sorts, allowing anyone (e.g. Me) who took their finger of the the pulse of the film world to play catch up…

So from time to time if I don’t post as often during a week it’s probably because I have a lot on my plate. But don’t worry because I’ll be writing one of these to capture all the best parts of the week in one concise post and much like the late great Elvis Presley, “A little less conversation, a little more action please“.

That said, here’s what you may have missed this week:

As an Italian American I have nothing but love for both ‘Rocky’ and Sly Stallone but even I am a little curious about the criteria behind his induction to the Boxing Hall of Fame. [source: Yahoo!]


Fan made lightsaber battles have been done before but I can’t believe someone took it to this level. Now this is quality folks! It looks so very well done and I can honestly say watching The Princess Bride next time won’t be as exciting after seeing it this way. Hmm, I’d sure like to see it done with The Last Samurai…that’d be cool. [source: Screen Rant]


Robots, comics and sci-fi are all the rage these days and The Wolverine himself must be loving the spin he’s in since he can pretty much rock a movie in all three genres. Check out the trailer for the “rock’em, sock’em” film Real Steel…[source: YouTube]


You can bash Hayden Christensen all you want but he was pretty damn good in Shattered Glass and Factory Girl. Further this trailer for Vanishing on Seventh Street looks pretty damn cool and the movie didn’t do half bad at TIFF (even Alex at First was surprised he liked it). [source: Screen Rant]


I wasn’t too keen on the first trailer for I Am Number Four but this follow up has my interest considerably peaked…oh and it has Timothy Olyphant. Yeah that sold me on it. Still it does look a little too teen friendly if you ask me. [source: Yahoo!]


This goes out to all you 18th century sailing fans out there. Russell Crowe is personally asking us to show our support in the film with the hopes it will help get a Master and Commander to get a sequel off the ground. Now I’d like to see that as I loved the first one so much. [source: First Showing]


Each day I am getting more and more on the Tron Legacy bandwagon. From the simply gorgeous trailers (the first one is still my favorite) to the confusing viral campaigns to the awesome Daft Punk soundtrack (it was going for a super low $3.99 MP3 download price at Amazon), yes this looks like it’s going to be one hell of a movie!! Take a look at the official Daft Punk video for “Derezzed”. It has more in common with the look of the first Tron so not a lot of eye candy there. But while bland there’s a tasty little bit at the end for those who stick it out. Let’s just say it drives me Wilde:) [source: Geekologie]


Now for the money shot. Here’s a daaaamnnn good looking Transformers: Dark of the Moon teaser trailer. Let’s just hope they don’t screw up such a great premise and leave us with the intelligence insulting train wreck that was Revenge of the Fallen. FYI the autobot in question looks to be Alpha Trion and it’s already announced that Shockwave would be this film’s villain. (While some were already expecting Unicron, here’s a funny little graphic for the same character as it is often misspelled on message boards…hey, it gets a laugh). [source: First Showing]


And the last horse to cross the finish line this week we have the latest and first official Thor trailer. There’s not a whole lot more than we saw from the longer Comic Con trailer in August but it loos slick. Unfortunately it’s highly stylized but not very interesting…and am I the only one who has no clue what Natalie Portman is doing in this film?? Still it’s worth a look! [Source: YouTube]

So that’s what we thought were the most interesting tidbits/happenings from this week. Read anything you liked (or missed)? Is anyone looking forward to any movies this weekend?


    • MarcC

      It’s really great music even if some of the songs seems far too short. If you liked Hans Zimmer’s Inception or The Dark Knight score you’ll love this. There’s an ominous nature to it and it sounds awesome. Thanks for the comment Tom and welcome to G-S-T!