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Yee-haw!…The G-S-T Trailer Round-Up: Zombies, Rom-Coms, and Arnold

Sometimes, too many trailers come out in a single week to give them all the individual attention they may deserve. So today I’m trying out something new and doing a trailer catch-all, because of all the teasers that have been release this week, I just can’t choose which ones I want to showcase the most. But why choose when I can just lump them all together in one big post? Let’s cut off the preamble there, let’s start off with:

Warm Bodies

If after seeing 50/50 last year, someone had told me Jonathan Levine’s next project would essentially be “Twilight with zombies”, I’d have laughed at them. So, really, I’m glad no one told me that, because a year later I’d have looked like an idiot. Truthfully I’m being dishonest and reductive when I sum up Warm Bodies as a Meyer-clone, because on first impression the film looks far smarter and far better acted than any entry in the saga of Bella Swann’s abusive relationship with a vampire; maybe all that needs to be said is that Levine’s latest suggests that he’s a genre chameleon, and also could end up joining Shaun of the Dead as one of the great zom-rom-coms. (And there have been others.) Have a look:

Save the Date

Why do I feel obligated shine some light on Michael Mohan’s upcoming and much-praised romantic comedy Save the Date? Is it because Badass Digest posted the link, and I happen to be a huge fan of that particular site? Is it because I adore and admire both Lizzie Caplan and Alison Brie and love the idea of two of them playing side-by-side with each other? Is it because the clip, which features zero dialogue until the end and has an almost equal balance between pull-quotes and footage, choked me up on a first viewing? Or is it all three of these things? Watch for yourself and see if you can figure the answer our for yourselves:

The Last Stand

I don’t remember if we at Go, See, Talk! had a post for the first teaser for South Korean filmmaker Ji-woon Kim’s debut American feature. Honestly. Either way, I’m personally excited enough for The Last Stand that I don’t mind giving it a second run here; Kim is a truly talented filmmaker with a body of work ranging from 1998’s The Quiet Family to more familiar and well-embraced pictures like The Good, the Bad, and the Weird and last year’s engrossing, brutal, ugly thriller I Saw the Devil. (Not to mention 2005’s A Bittersweet Life. Point is, I could go on), and Arnold Schwarzenegger remains one of the greatest institutions in action cinema iconography of all time. I can’t be anything but anxious to see how their effort together pans out:

World War Z

I’m far, far less enthused about Marc Forster’s zombie film than I am Levine’s. I’ve read the Zombie Survival Guide, but I’ve never cracked a page of Max Brooks’ World War Z, so I can’t speak to how faithful the movie appears to be based on the footage here. What I can speak to, of course, is the footage itself, which looks incredibly generic and unimpressive. Is it weird that the clip never for a second lets the zombies actually read as zombies? Those tumbling masses of bodies could be anything; we know what they are courtesy of source material association, and that’s it. Not that audiences won’t be able to intuit the identities of the aggressors here based on the title, but color this an odd way to sell Forster’s picture. (Not to mention that Forster has only made two good movies in his career.) Call me skeptical, but I can’t see even Pitt saving this one:

What do you guys think? Do any of these trailers excite you, frustrate you, or otherwise change your mind about the films they’re marketing? Sound off below!