Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ Adds Russell Crowe As Jor-El

Crikey!! While the Supes front has been quiet since the last A-list addition, out of left field comes the casting news of the millennium!! OK maybe not that great but certainly an eye opener for sure. And why not?? Russel Crowe, if you’ll excuse my French, is the effen man!! Variety has just released info that puts General Maximus in the role of Jor-El, Superman’s biological father. Variety does say he’s “in negotiations” but so far all signs point to it being locked up. So while the film world is still trying to get the taste of the poorly received Sucker Punch out of its mouth, this casting tidbit is one entirely appealing and appetizing morsel; let’s hope those “negotiations” went well. Holy Krypton, this is sweet and certainly puts more faith back in the Snyder Camp!!

Previously we learned that Man of Steel will star Henry Cavill  (Superman/Clark Kent), Amy Adams ( Lois Lane), Kevin Costner & Diane Lane as (The Kents) and Michael Shannon (as Zod). Wow, just looking at that line up, with the addition of Crowe just scream awesome, doesn’t it?We’ve heard that production should begin next month and with all the pieces on the board, the game is a foot! I cannot wait to see how this develops. As a rule for something this big, I’d like to stay as oblivious as possible (to avoid the dreaded “over-hype”) but with so much to marvel at (or should I say D.C. at?) I don’t think I’ll be able to resist very long. That said, what say you Supes fans? Is this not just another stellar addition to the film??