Awesome 'Sucker Punch' Animated Comic

Zack Snyder has been making hit after hit after hit in Hollywood. His artistic style and his hi-octane level of film make him appeal to a such a wide range of film fans. So before he dazzles us with the upcoming Superman film he offers us a delectable nugget of visual awesomeness in the form of one Sucker Punch.

So, like a kid at Christmas I eagerly await his upcoming film that looks to be saturated with so much style and eye candy it’ll make your head spin. To help get more people on board, here is a neat looking animated short/tie-in to Sucker Punch called “The Trenches”. Light on exposition but heavy on style, but have a look:

“The Trenches” was animated by Ben Hilton and here’s what he said about it:

In “Sucker Punch”, the girls face off against an army of mechanized WWI soldiers. Through the use of clockwork and steam technology, human soldiers who die in battle are reanimated and sent back to the front lines. Although seemingly indistinguishable and soulless, the zombie army is not just made of gears and steam, but also of human flesh, bone, and memory. In “The Trenches” there is a tragic tale behind each lifeless mask.

Wow, now that’s pretty cool. Nice to know there’s a little more dimension to a nameless “grunt” than the sweet looking red eyed mask lets on. I’m stoked and while animated shorts don’t usually do it for me, this was worth the watch. Warner Brothers brings Sucker Punch to theaters and IMAX cinemas at the end of this month on March 25th. What do you think? Will you be there??