Check this out…’Han Solo P.I.’

Just the thing to give everyone a nostalgic driven smile for Friday, I happily refer you to this clever little gem: Han Solo P.I. It’s a “spot-on” mash up of the Magnum P.I. theme/opening sequence spliced with perfect scenes of the Original Star Wars Trilogy to replicate that classic intro.  So take a look and enjoy…oh, and for those of you too young to enjoy Mr. Mustache himself (aka Tom Selleck) in his glory days, there is also a split scene comparison, below the first, showing just how well they did.

Pretty good huh?  How fitting (albiet a little “opening the wound” if you ask me) since Harrison Ford (replacing Selleck who was tied up with the existing Magnum contract) all but stole the hopes that playing “Indiana Jones” might have added to Selleck’s career.  That said, I still think Harrison in the role was the better fit.  But back to the above short…Any Magnum fans enjoy this??