Final 'Kick Ass' Poster Released

While this movie is quickly becoming my most anticipated film to see in 2010 (right behind The Expendables and Robin Hood), this FINAL poster for Kick-Ass is icing on the cake. This was released a few days ago and if I wasn’t already sold on the film, this would totally convince me to see it.

If you don’t already know everything about the film, let me enlighten you:

Kick-Ass , the film adaptation from the comic book of the same name) is written and directed by Matthew Vaughn (of the awesome Layer Cake). The films follows the story of a boy without super powers attempting to become a super-hero. Lionsgate is bringing Kick-Ass to theaters everywhere onApril 16th this spring.

While I’m really pretty bored with and tired of Nic Cage, I don’t mind him in this (from what I’ve seen so far) as he’ll no doubt be upstaged by the incomparable Mark Strong (who is just awesome btw). I’ve never been partial to the “so serious it’s making his receding hairline worse” Nic Cage school of acting, but I do like some of his lighter fares. We’ll see, maybe he’ll be OK in this.  Regardless, I’ll still be one of the first in line to see this in April. How about you?