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Flickchart, Flickfights and yours truly…

Hello World, Marc Here:

Last week I had the awesome privilege of recording a Flickfight podcast which is the official podcast of the uber-addictive site Flickchart. I have been fond of (and yes, addicted to) the site since the ‘beta testing’.  Soon after going live on 09.09.09, Flickchart launched their wildly entertaining podcast which is headed up by two hilarious movie afficinados/filmmakers, Travis Betz and Devin Barry.  On behalf of G-S-T, I was so happy to be part of the show and just had a blast debating, praising, and bashing whatever movies Flickchart gave us.

For those of you interested have a listen to the fun 65 minute movie romp.  Click this link to hear our Flickfight.  Hope you enjoy our session.

When it’s all over, if you liked what you heard, please feel free to comment, listen to archived Flickfights or visit them again every Wednesday for another rousing podcast.  If you love movies, then Devin and Travis’ wit, humor and commentary are sure to please.  Also, click here to check out my Flickchart profile and see what movies I love.

Lastly, for more auditory enjoyment, this August I recorded a podcast with the awesome guys over at FirstShowing.net for their official podcast called the Film Feed.  Follow this link and have listen if you are so inclined.

From myself to all you fans out there, please enjoy ‘Hump Day‘ responsibly.