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G-S-T Quick 5 – Hollywood's finest working (foreign) actors

I’ve often said that some of the best American actors aren’t even from America.  Without much more reasoning, other than I immensely like these actors and the varied parts the play, I present G-S-T’s latest Quick 5 list.

Let me clarify, right off the bat, that this list is not some pretentious or whimsical list touting praise for the likes of near acting gods such as Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Ben Kingsley, Gary Oldman, Bill Nighy etc.  What I am attempting to do here is celebrate great actors (which I love) who may one day reach the heights and milestones those legendary actors have already garnered.  So in no particular order (as it was so damn hard to come up with actors that weren’t just currently popular) I present you with G-S-T Quick 5Hollywood’s Finest Working (foreign) Actors.


Russell Crowe – If L.A. Confidential, Master and Commander, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man and pretty much anything he’s been in except Virtuosity aren’t enough to sell you on him as a great actor, then stop reading this and pick up any 4 movies off his IMDB list.  He has rarely made a film where he doesn’t just shine.

Fave Crowe film: Gladiator


Christian Bale – The man who would be Batman first got his start at the tender age of 13 in Steven Spielberg’s epic, Empire of the Sun.  What better way to start your career than to work with “Mr E.T.” on your second film??  Aside from Johnny Depp, there’s not one performer I know of that cares enough about his craft to truly transform himself into a character regardless of how little fan fare may come from the movie.  Talk about selfless acting.

Fave Bale film: American Psycho


Mark Strong – Whether it’s Rocnrolla, Body of Lies or even the small role he played in the Daniel Craig film Flashbacks of a Fool, he’s charismatic and pretty damn good in anything.  He’s they type of actor, who, after seeing one of his films, you immediately want to see everything he’s in.  I really can’t wait to see him in Sherlock Holmes.  Also, I have heard awesome things about his role in the BBC series The Jury…I’m checking that out very soon.

Fave Strong film: Body of Lies


Guy Pearce -From the second Memento was over, I knew Pearce would be going places.  From Leonard Shelby to his turn in Ravenous to his riveting Andy Warhol (not an easy part to play if you ask me), this man can truly do it all.  Whether it’s a small role in The Hurt Locker or a leading role like L.A. Confidential, even the disappointing The Time Machine, Pearce provides solid work and makes the movie better with his presence.

Fave Pearce Film: Memento


Daniel Craig – After the monumental task of reviving the 007 franchise, what would Craig do for a follow up??…Walk on water??:P  But seriously, his biggest role and real claim to fame may be commercialized but he’s still got some great acting potential just ready to erupt.  This guy can act, get physical and yet finesse just about anyone.  Though he may be the baby of the more seasoned/talented bunch above, I believe he will continue to be going places.

Fave Craig film: Layer Cake


Honorable mentions (abroad) go to:

Bob Hoskins – I just love this guy and no matter what he’s in he makes the movie enjoyable.  From Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Hook to The Long Good Friday to Enemy at the Gates, Bob is one of my favorite Brits.  In my opinion, he, much like Michael Caine, has his endless supply of charisma and likability.

Liam Neeson – Aside from his tender roles (which he is more known for) Neeson is constantly in one memorable role after another.  For me, his creme de la creme was his performance in Taken.  If that doesn’t just grab and shake the hell out of you to let you know how awesome he is, then I guess nothing will.


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  • mcarteratthemovies

    Love the shoutout to Mark Strong — he was sooooo sinister-good in “Body of Lies.” It’s about time people started smartening up and recognizing his talent!

    • Marc

      While I doubt he will be anything less than perfection in Sherlock Holmes, I am looking forward to the (possible) sequel to RocknRolla that was hinted at in the end of the film. Here’s hoping, but then again I think I want to see him tackle something new. Anything with Mark Strong will get my ticket money for sure!