'G.I. JOE' Sequel Gets Some Writers

While I think I am only one of a handful of people who actually enjoyed the Stephen Sommers’ G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, I probably sit in a group of a lot fewer who are excited about a sequel. Pity. But hell, I was the only one sitting in the theater for the first movie and I didn’t mind, so I actually welcome that same setting for the sequel…especially if it has more Snake Eyes.

Anyway, as is common practice for studios who do moderately well on a property, the knee jerk reaction (if the movie isn’t a dud) is to immediately think “sequel”. When news hit last August that it was “likely” a sequel would happen, it has taken this long to get a writer.  So much for the impatient nature of the studios, huh? Collider is reporting that a screenwriter has been selected but no name has been released yet (probably because he’s unknown and keeping his name hidden is more newsworthy than revealing someone we’ve never heard of).

Much like the surprising success of The Mummy, the two following sequels just went down hill after that. Though I view all Sommers’ films as guilty pleasures, I really hope that they are able to parlay the much grander scheme hinted at in the end into another fun movie. I’ve said before that Sommers’ movies don’t win awards but they do win smiles. Though he is not contractually obligated for a second film I hope he does return. Only, whether he does or not, I truly hope the best for this and pray it avoids the fate of the Mummy sequels.

So what do you think?  Did anyone like the first one? Does a sequel sound intriguing??


UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long to get out in the open.  Seems the Zombieland writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (making some headlines recently for getting to write Deadpool and Zombieland 2) will be scribing the sequel. For a bit more infor check out the story at Screen

Where will they take JOEs? Space, perhaps? How about a small character called “Serpentor”?? Those may be too large of an endeavor for only the second film. Regardless, this gives me more hope for a the JOE’s next cinematic extravaganza…although look how Kurtzman and Orci screwed the pooch with Revenge of the Fallen.  For now it seems a patient waiting game has begun…