Ohhh, Look…60’s Inspired ‘X-Men: First Class’ Title Sequence

Hey now, would ya look a this! For years, Saul Bass’ work has inspired many imitators but I think we may have a new heir to the throne. Whoever created this has a future in film, advertising, you name it. Since Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men prequel is based in the 60’s, this artist (read: gifted genius) has created a fan-made “retro” intro for the film that is just swanky. “Classy baby” is about all I can say for now. Have a look!

So while I’m already suped excited for this throw-back take on the Uncanny X-Men, this and the retro inspired magazne covers have been enough so send me into a frenzy. Really really excited to see what Mr. Kick Ass can do with Xavier and the bunch since he passed on The Last Stand.

Not too far off now, X-Men: First Class is set for release (just in time for the start of Summer) on June 3rd, 2011. What say you X-Fans? Willing to give your favorite eXtraordianry comic team one more shot at redemption? Think Vaughn can right the ship?? Or have you given up completely??