Ohhh Look…Super-fan/Robot Builder Makes Real-Life WALL·E

There’s a saying that film inspires art…or something like that. These days there’s no shortage of avid film fans attempting to bring things from the film world into the real world. Gadgets, vehicles, costumes, etc. you name it, someone’s probably working on it. Things like replica light sabers and proton packs get ohhs and ahhs but they’re nothing new. So when creating something from a film, borrowing an expression from the current 2012 Olympics, how do you go for the gold and make something really special? This is how.

Recently we’ve seen the amazing journey and awesome dedication that turned Pixar’s favorite Easter Egg the Pizza Planet truck into reality. But now here’s another uberly devoted fan (having already created a stunning R2-D2 replica) who, with no plans and from scratch mind you, painstakingly built a completely functional and remote controlled version of everyone’s waste allocation load lifter…enjoy!

Man, sound effects, mannerisms, and the design, it’s all there! That’s just awesome and if that doesn’t just put a big old smile on your face, I don’t know what will. Now if he could only create a floating EVE robot. Check out Mike Senna’s offical website to see more about WALL-E (and if you’re interested,his R2-D2 page).