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Random film thought of the day…11.19.09

With the release of the Twilight sequel New Moon next week, I must call out one of the stooopidest things about the whole silly series…and that would be the whole, “we don’t go out in sunlight…not because it’ll kill us (as it should) but we sparkle head to toe like diamonds“.  Sorry avid fans, that was not only a poor paraphrase, but also a knock against the love laden and contrived plot.  Now I admitted before I actually like the series but that’s just one thing that just gets more and more impossible to buy every time I see the movie.

I have always held that Vampires were cool, not just becasue of the powers, but really becasue of their weaknesses and namely how they can be killed.  Pretty much every movie monster has a specific and unique way to be killed but when Stephanie Meyer made Twilight she just threw that out the window.  It just bears repeating (my opinion that is) which is that a sinister and wicked villain is only as cool as their demise/weakness.To the point of my random post (which is a bit of an oxymoron becasue being random means having no point, but I digress) I ask you to recall the Tom Cruise vamp flick Interview with a Vampire.  In it there is a scene where a young Kirsten Dunst and that other woman (name escapes me) are in a well-like prison cell and are about to be exposed to the sunrise.  Well I have always said “just hide under the yards and yards of fabric of your dresses.”  Does that thought come to their minds?  No.  Good possibility it wasn’t going to help but for the sake of the “armchair quarterback” mentality comprising the theater audience, wouldn’t have been worth a try?  I mean hell, in an inescapable position like that anything could be worth a shot.

Anyway, final question here…to the fans of  ‘authentic’ vampires out there who believe can be killed by sunlight, I pose one parting question:  If sunlight kills vampires, and sunlight is made of UV light, then can’t moon light kill (or at least hurt) vampires?  I mean what is moonlight but reflections of sunlight?  I know it’s so much less intense than straight sunlight, but how funny would it be to have a vampire put on ‘Moonblock’?  Not funny is it?  Didn’t think so…my jokes never are:(