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Sweet (Fake) Trailer…'The Wrestler'

Hello World, Marc Here:

Not a whole lot going on this week.  It’s pretty rainy (again) and with nothing absolutely screaming to be posted, I did find this clever little video on /Film that I thought deserved a mention.  This takes The Wrestler and attempts to interpret it as trailer for a 70’s era “Grindhouse” flick.  Decent attempt if I do say so myself and the vaugery created from select scenes of the film really help play up the (fake) trailer’s intent.  That said, have a look.  Pretty appropriate as the feeling of the trailer mirrors  the dreary weather precipitating outside my office window…

They certainly got the narrator’s voice down pat, plus throw in the scratchy film and screen text, and this looks like (if I didn’t know otherwise) it could be the real deal.  Now I loved The Wrestler (read my review from way back) and this trailer is a good reminder for me to watch it again – which I’ll probably do this weekend.