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Sweet Trailer…’Battle: Los Angeles’

Well this is shaping up to be a trailer packed week but can you blame me, there’s just been a good number to go around. This one however doesn’t need a set up so I’ll get right to it. Here we are with a fantastic trailer courtesy of our great friends at First Showing.

Basically its District 9 meets Blackhawk Down (or what would have happened if the aliens from ID4 actually landed) and that equals AWESOME!! The word epic gets thrown around waaay to much thanks in large part to the over-dependence of CG, but I’ll spare you my opinion save to ask you this. After what you just saw, can please I get an EPIC from the congregation??

I think the only thing that would make this trailer any sweeter is if they use the overplayed Gary Jules cover of “Mad World”, but I digress. I can safely say this is the perfect trailer to send me into the weekend smiling. I just hope that seeing Skyline tonight doesn’t diminish it. Oh well, for those of you interested (how can anyone not be?) Battle: Los Angeles will hit theaters, quite violently it looks like, on March 11 next year. I’ll be there…who’s coming with me??