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Sweet Trailer…'Cars 2' Daytona 500 Spot

A few weeks ago, film fans watching the Super Bowl were treated to some great teaser trailers for the most anticipate films of 2011. The commercials were jam packed with trailers big and small but Cars 2 was oddly missing from that impressive line up. Well Pixar’s sequel about the continuing adventures of Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater got their due with this spot during the Daytona 500. Yeah, that event seemed better suited to them anyways. So while we’ve posted Cars 2 photos and videos in the past, I’ll take all I can get as I’m super excited for this sequel…

Dag gum! Now if that’s not enough to see you on this then check out the “turntable” videos to see the new faces of Cars 2 like Italian F1 racer Francesco Benrnoulli and super-spy Finn McMissile. They’re short but they’ll definitely make you smile.

Cars 2 and all it’s international espionage will be coming to theaters this Summer on June 24th, 2011. What do you think? Excited about the sequel? Anyone going to see it in 3D??


  • Tom Clift

    I know a lot of peopel get really down on Cars, and I do agree that it’s Pixar’s worst film. Still, I’m REALLY excited for Cars 2. The line “is the pope mobile catholic?” made me laugh pretty hard!

    • MarcC

      That line from Mater totally made me spit out my drink:P Yeah, I see how people consider Cars the weakest link. But on second and third viewings there’s a good hearted message behind the uber kid friendly characters and story. That’s what I like.
      That said this is definitely going for a larger and more grown up and story similar to The Incredibles. Me too bud, REALLY excited as well.