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Sweet Trailer…'Repo Men'

I know I’m pretty late to post this but I have to say that because when I first saw it, I wasn’t blown away.  Yet as I watched it again, I found it quite interesting and entertaining. For those of you who know about this film, have a second look.  For the rest of you oblivious to this project, I hope this is up your alley.  Enjoy…

After watching it the second time, did some investigating and I read some of the comments on other movie sites.  It seems this is a big budget (and non-musical) remake of Repo! The Genetic Opera. Now I haven’t seen Repo! so I was none the wiser regarding this remake and so I thought this was an original film. Amazing what you can learn on this internet huh?  But let’s say for a minute I was still unaware of the original – that said, I like the idea of Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as Repo Men. Although I have yet to see a movie with Liev Schreiber attached that actually turned out OK.  But as far as the bloody action eye candy, I am sooo on-board. Kind of makes me think of Equilibruim in many ways, well, mainly in terms of the future-noir and action.

Regardless, this all has me pretty stoked to check it out. I truly hope this sweet trailer doesn’t turn into the crap that was Blade: Trinity. Pity, I had such high hopes for that one.  Repo Men is set to premier on April 2nd this year.  Anyone excited to see this??