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Sweet Trailers…’Daybreakers’ and ‘Kick-Ass’

Well I know I am a little late in posting these but I thought I would make up for my tardiness with a perfect “one-two punch” of what looks like trailer gold.  Previously we had posted the first Daybreakers trailer, but this new one looks like icing on top of icing on an already sweet cake.  Please trailer gods, don’t tease me like this.  I truly hope this film will be as good as they make it look.  The last (supposed) vampire hunting extravaganza I can recall was Blade: Trinity (which was an awful, awful mess) so here’s hoping Daybreakers brings this fun incubus sub-genre back to form with 2 words: Willem. Dafoe.

Next up the much anticipated trailer for Kick-Ass.  I was really hoping that after the sweet looking ‘bootleg’ footage from Comic-Con and the posters we featured a few weeks ago the trailer would not disappoint.  Good news everyone, it didn’t.  Not having ever read the comic book, this looks kind of like the quirky lovechild of Spider-Man and Superbad.  Either way, it looks very awesome for a first trailer (and the bonus of having Mark Strong in this film should already be enough to make it a success) but I’ll ask you, is it too trite to say this trailer looks ‘Kick-Ass’?  Have a look for yourself and enjoy…

So there you have it.  Just the thing to get us moving along on this slow-going Thursday.  What do you at home think?  Anyone liking the above cinematic “bad-assery“?