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    Sweet Trailer…’Jupiter Ascending’

    Whether you understand them or not, the Wachowskis play by their own rules and push cinematic boundaries with every singe frame. The Matrix wowed the sci-fi/action world, Speed Racer wowed anime fans almost exclusively, Cloud Atlas wowed half of those who saw it (the other half is still trying to figure out what they saw) and their latest film looks to again cater to a special breed of film fan. Expect this to be just as groundbreaking and ambitious but for now let’s just get to the good stuff…check out the first sweet looking trailer for Jupiter Ascending below. Jupiter Ascending is an intergalactic epic in which humans are near…

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    Wachowski Siblings Working On New Sci-Fi 'Jupiter Ascending'

    For some time now, Andy and Lana (formerly Larry) Wachowski have been busy bringing David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas to the big screen. Development on that, if you haven’t been keeping up, has been sounding pretty awesome. That’s still a ways off but the duo has more than one supposed ace up their sleeve. As they’ve made their fame and fortune with the sci-fi epic The Matrix and to some extent the sequels (hey, I love Reloaded and will defend the heck out of it) the siblings’ script for Jupiter Ascending has just been picked up by long time backer Warner Brothers. Jupiter is slated to begin production sometime in the Spring of next year.