What do "you" think of Go,See,Talk??

Being a member of the LAMB, we’ve found ourselves in the company of some truly talented and fun people who, like us, really love movies. The LAMB (the awesome networking/movie blog collective) provides so many great hobby bloggers a place to call home and we’re thrilled they let us join:)

Once in a while, the LAMB gives their members a chance to see how they’re doing through a series called Brutally Blunt Blog Blustering. It’s basically their open forum to allow members to find out how others view their blog. We at G-S-T just celebrated our first anniversary in February and think we’ve come a long way. However to stay relevant, sometimes things need to change. That said, we requested a Blog Blustering…ask and ye shall receive right? ;^)

So, with the help of the LAMB, we’d like to reach out to our readers ask a simple question: “Whaddya think of us??” We’ll take it all…the good, the bad and the ugly. We want to do what we can to make coming here fun and fulfilling. Hey, it’s all in the name of progress. So tell us, How are we doing??


  • rtm

    Well you obviously know I dig your site Marc, or you won’t find me commenting here at all 🙂 Congrats on joining LAMB, I’m such a slacker I haven’t found time to actually fill their form but I REALLY should do that soon. It’s such a great resource for movie bloggers, so you definitely made progress already by joining them!

    • Marc

      Aw, thanks a bunch Ruth…I know it but it’s always nice to hear it again!!
      Oh, and I think you know the feeling is more than mutual. Always love reading a blog from someone who writes so well and loves Timothy Dalton:)

      • rtm

        He..he… I have to restrain myself or FlixChatter would be full of TD and Gerry Butler 🙂 Likewise, it’s always nice to hear comments from you also. In fact, ever since I started blogging, I realize nothing perks up a blogger’s day more than seeing a comment! ha..ha..

  • skykid

    That is how I found your blog – from the LAMB , so being a member there has its advantage . So far I have found your blog quite good – you have good content , the writing is literate and your design is neat and easy to navigate.

    • Marc

      Hey thanks so very much SkyKid! So nice to hear a compliment from a new reader. You’re welcome back anytime…hope we can keep your interest:)