The Wait Is Over…’The Expendables’ In Theaters This Friday!!

Hot Damn! The action event of the decade is nearly upon us and all that waiting is just about over. Sure we’re written nearly a dozen posts about this film over the last year and a half, but what can we say, we’re all huge fans. The movie looks to be just awesome and I’m actually going to be fine if it is merely OK at best. Just seeing the amount of past and present macho film heroes on one screen is major eye candy. Story be damned, just blow shit up!! If Rambo 4 was any indication of what we can expect from Sly, this movie probably could possibly be “The Greatest Action Film in Movie History”. I just have to ask, how can you not be excited for something of this magnitude and how can you look at the picture below and not just smile from ear to ear??

I know Bruce and Ah-nuld are only in the film for about 2 minutes but with SlyRourke, Li, Statham etc. running on high octane, there’s only so much awesomeness one film can handle. So with the film opening in wide release this Friday this is like Christmas in August. So to whet your appetites for the last time, here’s a goofy little video interview with the man behind all of this magnificence; the one the only Sly Stallone. YouTube has disabled embedding but click the image below or the following link. It’s insightful and really worth it. Have a look!

The Expendables is starring, written and directed by my favorite action hero, Sylvester Stallone. Lionsgate has set The Expendables for wide release this Friday August 13th. Is anyone excited for this? Well that’s a stupid question. I guess I should ask, What time are you going to see it and how many times??