Costner Approached for Snyder's Superman…Wait, WHAT?

Fans of G-S-T should know there are three actors I will watch in anything: Sylvester Stallone, Michael Keaton and Kevin Costner. Imagine my surprise yesterday to hear that Ray Kinsella himself, Kevin Costner (supposedly) has been approached regarding a role in Zack Snyder’s Superman film.

Wow, this just makes me…sorry, *wipes tear of joy from face* this is the best news/rumor I’ve heard this year. But is this fan speculation or is there merit to it. Known for credible and very reliable facts, Latino Review is reporting what the role is but just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s written in stone…yet. I’m still waiting for news straight from the mouth of Zack Snyder.

So until that happens, why don’t we fans/cinebloggers do what we do best? Let’s just blue sky this as I ask the question “what role could Kevin Costner play?“…I’ve got three ideas:

The first and most likely role for Costner would be plaing Clark Kent’s adoptive father Jonathan Kent. Costner could easily pull off that down home, morally strong and wise father figure. Plus while looking for an appropriate photo of Costner I found this pic of him and Annette Bening. Since we’re being speculative here, in my opinion she really wouldn’t be half bad as Martha.

Next, since he’s sort of getting there in age, he might be able to play Daily Planet editor-in-cheif Perry White. Costner can be cut & dry and boss people around. Ehh, I could see it, plus he wouldn’t be the first unlikely actor to play a famous newspaper editor. Who would have thought that J.K. Simmons would be so amazing playing J.J. Jameson??

Lastly, and this is a streeeeetch (read: no way in hell), but if Ursa does in fact make it into the film as rumored it begs the question, “What about Zod???” Well I don’t know about this one. I’ve read that Snyder has flat out said Zod would not be in this picture. But I’ve also read that he maaaay be hinted at or even get a cameo (similar to his brief appearance in Donner’s original Superman). While Costner was awesome in Mr. Brooks playing the titular heavy,  I just don’t see him as a baddie of any sort in this kind of film. But hey, we’re just blue skying this right?:P

Now this is all still up in the air…even if it looks to be confirmed already. Still, if I were a betting man, my money would be on the role Jonathan Kent…and that’s if Costner even wants the part. One thing is certain, this has got me even more excited about the film. And you know what they say? It never hurts to dream:P


  • ruth

    The only role for him I’m ok with is Pa Kent… DEFINITELY not Zod-material. I think he’d be a good earthly father figure for Henry Cavill’s Clark. Oh just the thought of seeing Cavill in checkered farm shirt have me as excited as him donning the red/blue suit. I know how you feel when your fave actor is starring in a beloved franchise, Marc… I was rooting for the Brit for as long as I could remember so when he got the part I was ecstatic. I like Kevin too, so I’d be rooting for him to get the part.

  • Ross McG

    I agree. would be good to see the Costner in a big movie again. no one does righteous indignation like Costner. which means it might be interesting to see him as a villain..