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Interview…Chandler Poling and Thomas Mikusz from White Bear PR

One of the best parts about running this site is the opportunity we’ve had to speak with people in the film business. Over the years, our staff has been fortunate enough to meet some of our heroes: actors, directors, and composers. Now I’ll tell you up from that GoSeeTalk wouldn’t have half our current interview content if it wasn’t for the help of PR firms handling the public relations on any particular campaign.

It should be no surprise to you readers that we hold composers and film music in high regard. We do our best to shine the brightest light on the talent. However, it all goes back to the publicist making that connection in the first place. They hook up the right people to achieve maximum exposure.

Publicists work long hours to make a difference in their client’s careers. Through media exposure, they help build awareness of a particular individual’s talents. Shouting from hilltops and casting a wide digital net, they connect talent with press to get the word out to the public. The end goal is to get their client more work out of the media relations through a story, interview, or successful awards campaign.

One such outfit is White Bear PR. The L.A.-based team provides publicity for composers, music supervisors, and international film & music festivals. They established their brand 10 years ago (Happy Birthday, fellas!), and this small outfit helps amplify their clients’ voices to help celebrate a release whether it be film, TV or even video game soundtracks. They also work tirelessly to make people like Benjamin Wallfisch, Pinar Toprak and Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein household names.

We had a hour-long talk with White Bear’s head honchos Chandler Poling and Thomas Mikusz. So many of our interviews and podcasts, especially during Covid, only happened because of the help we received from their team. In this episode, the two tell us about life before starting the company, artists that expanded their tastes – Bollywood music, cassettes and vinyl collections – stories from the press circle and red carpets, their current campaigns (such as Mortal Kombat – see below) and so much more.

Get comfy, and enjoy our time with Chandler and Thomas!

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Exclusive Track: ‘Techno Syndrome‘ from Mortal Kombat

Check out all the artists that White Bear PR represents at their official website. And you can follow Chandler, Thomas and the team on Twitter and Facebook.