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Roundtable Interview Discussion with ‘Shame’ Director Steve McQueen & Actor Michael Fassbender

On November 17th, writer/director Steve McQueen and actor Michael Fassbender stopped in Dallas as part of a whirlwind PA tour to promote their new movie Shame. McQueen and Fassbender held this very private round table discussion to talk about their brilliant and controversial film. Having worked together on the powerful fact-based film Hunger the two have undeniable chemistry and are talented entertainers of the highest merit.

After being simply floored by Shame at the screening a few weeks before Thanksgiving I could not stop thinking about the film and as such had a boat load of questions for the them. Go,See,Talk and some select local media outlets sat in on (and directly across from I might add) this extremely open and informative Q&A session (btw, I got three in so I’m happy). So sit back, relax and have a listen to the audio recording of the discussion and find out what Steve and Michael had to say about Shame.

SHAME Q and A with McQueen and Fassbender by ridgeracer4

Sitting across from such talented entertainers it’s hard to believe how insightful and honest their answers were. You start to wish that all filmmakers and studios would share this pair’s passion for stories; cinema would be changed for the better if they did. Personally I think that if McQueen keeps this up he’s certain to be regarded as the next Oliver Stone and Fassbender, whether in independent or mainstream movies, is on track to be one of film’s all time greats. FYI, click here to read our review of Shame

Their first effort, Hunger, also blew me away (G-S-T review coming soon) and while Shame was not exactly uplifting I still loved it and will probably see it again this weekend. After getting some insight into their process I have even more respect for them and their craft, but let me ask you…What do you think? Anyone seen Shame and want to share your thoughts? Did you find this round table interesting?? Will anyone seek this out even with the ‘taboo’ NC-17 rating??


  • Andrew

    The Pasolini film McQueen refers to is Teorema, which stars Terrence Stamp. I’m thinking of getting that on Netflix if I can just as a comparison piece.

    Very enlightening stuff. Fassbender seems very cool on his stardom, which I find incredibly refreshing; it’s just sort of a thing that’s happened to him, the way he tells it. I’ll finish the rest of it later on, but it’s way cool. Thanks for posting this Marc!

    • MarcC

      It was a low key but entirely entertaining roundtable and this really is a sensational movie. Regardless of the rating and the controversy it’s one of the years very best films. Hope you find a theater playing it Boston Andrew, thanks for listening!

  • CT

    This was a fantastic roundtable and many thanks for making the whole thing available. I can sense McQueen’s thoughts running a thousand mile a minute, what a fascinating man to listen to. Really looking forward to the movie, when it’ll finally come to my town in two weeks.

  • Sam "Duke" Fragoso

    This is pretty amazing man. McQueen is fascinating to listen to. Nice discussion.

  • ruth

    I’m gonna listen to this later but first I just wanna say CONGRATS Marc!! How exciting to be in the same room as these talented folks, looks like McQueen & Fassbender like to work together, it’s like Scorsese & DeNiro?? Ok maybe that’s a bit too much 🙂

  • MarcC

    @CT…Really glad you enjoyed it. Yeah there’s so much McQueen wants to say but we’re only getting about 10% of what’s on his mind. He’s gonna be one to watch for years to come. Check out Shame when you can. It’s not to be missed but if you haven’t seen Hunger, get on that too. Oh and welcome to G-S-T!

    @Sam…I think that if their schedules weren’t so hectic they would have stayed longer and we could have gotten a lot more out of them. Next time right? Thanks for listening!

    @Ruth…Thanks a bunch Ruth. Very surreal to say the least. The two have great chemistry but it is a bit to soon to think of them like Scorsese and De Niro:P