"Miyazaki Madness" Selection/Ranking Sunday

OK friends, we are just one day away from the big show. I’ve evaluated all the films, taken reader emails into consideration and now have the rankings for “Miyazaki Madness“. Below is the bracket for the start of the tournament. Tomorrow we start voting and I can’t wait to see the results! Have a look at the match-ups and click the image below for a hi-rez version of the brackets.

For those of you who are already on board with this, I have one word that might get you to up your participation a notch: Prizes! That’s right, I’m offering a little something for those willing to follow this through all month. That said, PRIZES will be awarded for three categories:

1.) the reader with the most comments will get a DVD copy of Miyazaki’s first feature length directorial debut The Castle of Cagliostro plus this nifty little Lupin the 3rd Kubrick figurine (fyi: Kubricks are highly collectible). Or if you’re not a fan of Lupin have your pick of any other film.

2.) one reader with the most predicted bracket wins will get the official soundtrack to their Studio Ghibli film of choice {to enter, email your bracket predictions to by MARCH 10th}

3.) the reader who writes the most reviews of Ghibli films this month will get 2 DVD or Blu Ray titles from the Studio Ghibli library and one soundtrack. I know I said you didn’t have to do any work this month but this really is a sweet prize for the person who wants it the most:) {For those interested, take this image and place it atop all your reviews and write as many as you want. Then email the links to your reviews to and I’ll host the link or even the whole review if you’d like}

So print out your bracket, follow along and vote for your favorite; remember YOU decide the winner! Tell your friends and come back tomorrow to cast your vote for who should advance to the next round!!


  • Castor

    Exciting! Can’t wait to start voting 🙂 I would love to send in a bracket but sadly I can’t recognize half of them movies from those pictures ahaha

  • Dan

    …definitely a scope of work I need to become more knowledgeable of…this is going to be interesting.

  • Daniel Thomas MacInnes

    Hey, what a terrific find! I found your site, in that Billy-Family-Circus way, from the Japan Cinema Blogathon that’s happening right now, to benefit the victims in Japan.

    I had a “Best-of-Ghibli” poll at The Ghibli Blog a year or two ago, so I won’t spoil anything with my guesses. But it’s been my experience that it all comes down to what movies you’ve seen. Thankfully, most of the Ghibli features are now available on DVD/BD here in the States. Five or six years ago, you couldn’t really say that, so that’s great progress.

    The next great challenge is to turn people on to the vast Takahata/Miyazaki pre-Ghibli output from the ’60s and ’70s. That’s a lot tougher, since we have to rely on the anime fansub community to provide the goods. But it’s nearly all out there, and we’re working to finally bring Heidi to the West.

    Oh, and for the record, my #1 Ghibli movie is Omohide Poro Poro. It doesn’t appear to be on your college basketball chart. Oh, well, the Minnesota Gophers didn’t make it, either.

    • MarcC

      Wow Daniel, thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about the previously unaccessible Ghibli films. It’s so great that now they are really all starting to saturate the American animation culture aside from Spirited and Mononoke.

      Funny that you mention earlier work Miyazaki and Takahata work as I’m starting to investigate that myself, but it’s a slow process. I will check out Poro Poro for sure!

      But HOLY COW, your blog is awesome and you are really quite an authority from the looks of it. Sure wish I had known about Ghiblicon before I started this; would have loved to have you participate in promoting this! Oh well, same time next year then?:P Thanks for stopping by Daniel and welcome to Go,See,Talk!