Oh Happy Day…today is the G-S-T Reunion!!

Well after what seems like entirely too long, G-S-T foreign correspondent Rob has made it back to our fair country to grace us with his presence.  The reason??  He’s here for my wedding!!!  That’s right, my wedding is this Saturday and both Rob and Pete will be groomsmen.  I’m so very glad he got to make it back for this.  So what was nearly an eternity (last time he was here was October 2008), the G-S-T trio is back for a limited engagement.

Oh, I sure wish there were karaoke bars in Dallas to compare with the caliber of high-end karaoke bars in Tokyo.  Rob, will you settle for a dive bar called Rock N Roll Bar??  We could swap the L’s and the R’s for you to make you feel at home…

Provided we get a respectable photo of the three of us, I’ll post something from our night out…which will actually be my bachelor party…so maybe nix the picture idea:)  Anyway, on behalf of myself, Pete and all our readers, let’s welcome Rob back to the states!!  Yosoko, Rob-san!!