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Random Film Thought of the Day…01.26.10

Does anyone recall that scene in Fellowship of the Ring, where Baromir has just died and they are about to send him over the falls? Stop right there…does anyone see a problem with this picture? Well I do.

First off, imagine yourself in Aragorn and Gimli’s shoes (or boots rather) I know you just had a huge forest battle with some Orcs and you probably are saying, “well we don’t have time to bury him“, but really? Over the falls? Now this is just one instance where something in a movie sounds like a good idea or something very dignified…but it’s not. Here’s my thoughts on why:

Boromir is the son of a king, I know they can’t take him home, explain to his father what happened, then come all the way back and keep on their journey…or course not, you’d lose pace and that sequence would be boring, plus the movie is long enough already. Anyway, so the idea is to get him all pretty, put him in a boat, put his head on a little pillow using his shield as a headboard and then?? Yup, “Man Overboard!!“.

Not only do I see that as an undignified way of dealing with the departed (especially for royalty), but let’s follow this a little further. What happens after they push the boat off the shore and it heads for the crest of the falls?? The boat and the well-positioned little man fall an unknown height (though judging by the size of the falls, you can probably guess somewhere in the hundreds of feet) and they consider that a burial?

But think about this, Baromir falls, lands, gets beat to almost ribbons, the boat is shattered and his personables are scattered at the foot of the falls. Now what happens when a body is left in water deteriorating? Yup, contamination. Any thirsty traveler who comes somewhere near the foot of the falls will undoubtedly (for some period of time) have to contend with contaminated water. And contend isn’t really the right word to use because that makes you think he knows about the dirty water, which he doesn’t – that’s outright arbitrary murder on Aragorn’s part if you ask me. So the thirsty traveler imbibes the water and wonders why he’s dying in bed a few days later…same goes for assorted animal life.

Now on to his precious (get it? little LotR humor for you) personal effects. They sent him over the falls with all his “fancy” stuff. At the bottom of the falls, provided it’s salvageable, you’ve probably got some lucky little kid or thief/scrounger hitting the jackpot. “Look at this sweet sword I found guys“. Yeah explain that to Denethor when and if you see him. “Sorry, your son is dead and we sent him over the falls“…”His stuff?…um, yeah that went over too….< imitates dropping noise and finishes with resounding boom noise>”

Anyway, that’s my Random Thought for you…anyone have anything similar they want to discuss?? Does anyone think this scene (which to be fair was taken from the book) played out OK?  Am I just waaay over thinking it all??


  • Barbara

    Never thought of it that way, but after reading your post, I have to admit, I agree. Of course, filmic needs (as you said, pacing, length, focus) understandably trumped logic.

    But even within the film, there was a price to be paid. Denethor – who would prove not to be the stablest of rulers – was very unhappy with his elder and favored son’s fate, and it made it that much harder for the Fellowship to deal with him.

    • Marc

      Good point. So not presenting the father with his son’s “carcass” proved to be the better choice… interesting:P

    • Marc

      hahahaha…that’d be sweet!! That comment made my day…and it’s only 9:00. Talk about setting the bar;)

    • Marc

      When you drive 45 minutes to and from work everyday you mind starts to wander…yeah, I think a lot in the car:P