Ohhh, Look…Humorous 'Big Trouble in Little China' Gangnam Style Parody

Since Big Trouble In Little China is probably my favorite movie of all time (well it’s in the Top 3), I will never pass up a chance to post about BTiLC no matter how irreverent it may be. Case in point – Korean super star PSY has taken the world by storm with his chart topping “Gangnam Style” and as fun as that song is, now the web has another viral would be giant on its hands. But this jewel of the web comes not from the Far East but instead the West Coast; San Francisco, Chinatown to be precise.

In this awesome parody of PSY’s global phenomenon, prepare to have your mind blown by the grand old proprietor of the Wing Kong trading Company, David Lo Pan! “Which Lo Pan? Little old basket case on wheels or the ten foot tall roadblock?” One and the same Jack, one and the same. Enjoy!!

This comes from the official YouTube account of user Wekejay who calls this love letter to BTiLC “our Tribute to the Greatest movie of All Time and the Greatest music video of Our Time: John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China and PSY’s Gangnam Style“. If you’re at all curious, you can see the lyrics to the song on the YouTube page. Well that made my day…scratch that, made my month!! Kinda dumb but I’ll take dumb fun any day of the week. So whatcha think? Does this get a seal of approval from all you Big Trouble superfans??


  • Spencer Raney

    I can’t believe more people haven’t posted. That movie is awesome! My family has a tradition where we se it every Christmas.