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Sweet (2nd) Trailer…'The Amazing Spider-Man'

The term “jaw-dropping” gets thrown around a lot when talking about films. But how many trailers do you recall that you think deserved to be called the same? Today we have the second full trailer for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man and I think it is totally jaw-dropping!! Many, many people were curious to see how anyone would top the Raimi films (putting aside the fact that this series reboot was started so insultingly soon after Spider-Man 3) but this trailer should find all naysayers, myself included, picking their chins off the floor. Enjoy!!

Andrew Garfield stars as Peter Parker along with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy (fun fact: she’s the second red-head to do so), Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May and finally Rhys Ifans as the villain The Lizard. ManI still feel sorry for Dylan Baker but Ifans looks like he’d be the better baddie any day of the week.

Anyway, as good as this looks it’s still got a tough road ahead with The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters just two weeks later. Whether you’re a die hard Raimi/Maguire fan or are willing to see how some new blood fares in the famous red and blue unitard you can’t say the trailer doesn’t look exciting. Amirite??

Marc Webb’s comic book actioner The Amazing Spider-Man will swing into theeaters this Summer on July 3rd, 2012. Will you be there??


  • CastorTroy

    I had virtually no interest before seeing this trailer. Now I’m intrigued so good job Sony Marketing team! It still feels quite similar to Sam Raimi’s movie but I like the added dimensions of Parker’s childhood and Gwen Stacey.

  • Mark Alan

    I think it looks pretty good, but as Castor mentioned, it does seem a little too similar to Raimi’s origin tale. I wish they didn’t feel compelled to tell the whole story again in the reboot. I feel at this point we all know how things went down, and this means they have to waste a bunch of time re-showing us what we already know. I was a big fan when Todd McFarlane had his run in the comics, and I’d rather see a story with an already established Spidey, but you could do a lot worse than Sheen as Uncle Ben!

    • Anonymous

      True these are more than a handful of things that are. But I just have a problem with how insulting soon after S-M 3 was made. But Hollywood does what it wants and people will cry “why do another origin story?” until they are blue in the face? All we can do is suck it up and hope things turn out OK (even if this is an unnecessary origin story). But based on the trailer I think they’ll eek out a win. I’m hopeful.

  • Andrew Crump

    The good: Garfield and Stone seem to work well together, which I guess isn’t a huge shock considering that they’re both talented and charismatic. And the appearance of humor in Spidey’s doings definitely does a lot to diffuse the somber, brooding air of the first trailer. Plus? The web-slinging looks great. So that’s all good.

    But man, the Lizard looks seriously bad. Maybe that’ll all be cleared up in the final cut we see in theaters, so I’m reserving judgment until then, but the effects work on him looks terrible. Could be that that won’t matter much. The major issue is that the idea of destiny is still being tossed around an awful lot, which is really antithetical to what Spider-Man is all about. I admit that filmmakers have all the license they want to toy with origin stories, but a) “destiny” is kind of getting tired as a hero’s motivation, and b) I don’t think “toying” should mean flipping around a character’s essence.

    More intrigued now than I was before. Still not 100% sold.

    • Anonymous

      I was going to bring up the Lizard before (and say something like he reminds me of The Goomas from the loathsome Super Mario Bros movie) but held off since it felt like a snap judgement. Hope things improve for both our sakes:P