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Sweet Trailer…'Hitchcock'

While I’m growing warier of biopics every year, the first trailer for Sacha Gervasi‘s upcoming project, Hitchcock, has me hooked. Biopics inhabit this weird space in cinema where they’re meant to portray real events and people in a real time period, but through circumstance gloss over the truth in favor of melodrama; sometimes, those two elements complement one another and we get Hunger, other times they don’t and we get We Bought a Zoo. In the case of Hitchcock, Gervasi very clearly considers the man’s cheekiness to be an important central characteristic, and I have to say I’m glad the clip confirms that Hopkins will be playing up the man’s playful, pervy, mischievous personality:

I somewhat suspect Helen Mirren will end up yanking an enormous amount of focus away from her co-stars and onto herself, but that’s maybe neither here nor there. If anything, Hitchcock looks a bit frothy much in the way that My Week With Marilyn only hinted at the darker aspects of its subject’s story, but so long as Gervasi and his cast are in top form, I think I can stomach a light and bubbly portraiture of Hitchcock’s life and persona.

Hitchcock opens this Fall on November 23rd, 2012.