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Sweet (2nd) Trailer…'The Hunger Games'

Today we’re treated to the second trailer for the adaptation of Suzanne Collins‘  best selling novel (the first in a series of 4 planned films from her 3 books). While the teaser didn’t do much but confuse, the first official trailer was infinitely more satisfying. From Yahoo, we have a shorter but deeper look into this bizarrely exquisite futuristic tale in which  “a nationally televised event in which ‘Tributes’ must fight with one another until one survivor remains“. Kind of looks like a mix of The Running Man, Logan’s Run and Harry Potter for the young adult setbut maybe that’s just me since I’ve never read the books. Anyway, have a look.

The Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci and is directed by Gary Ross (Seabiscuit). In addition to the release of this new trailer comes the info that The Hunger Games will be getting an IMAX release (even though it was not shot in IMAX). The agreement between Lionsgate and IMAX  is to have The Hunger Games shown in a one-week limited run starting in tandem with its regular premiere next month on March 23, 2012. Anyone excited for the Games? What do you fans think of this so far??