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Sweet Trailers…’Legion’ and ‘The Fourth Kind’

OK, I guess my attempt to continue writing quality posts/opinions about the wonderful world of films resulted in this just being a week of posting trailers.  Not exactly flexing my literary muscle but hey, it’s been a pretty long and drawn out week so less work is (to aptly and redundantly put it) less work.

So to send you to the weekend with a double case of awesome and excellent, here are two trailers for what looks to be some just kick ass and plain scary (respectively) movie going fun.  First up is the new Screen Gems movie Legion, starring Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson and Kevin Durand.  Interesting trivia: Quaid and Gibson both starred in ho-hum remake of The Flight of the Phoenix which didn’t really do anything at the box office, could this be a reoccurring theme with these two?  As far as Legion goes, I could tell you about the movie but since this REDBAND trailer basically give you the Cliffsnotes of the whole film, I’ll let the video below do all the ‘splaining


I do sense some Constantine influence and, as I liked that movie, I am very much game for this film.  It does look pretty exciting and the “held up/last stand in location X” premise is cliche (a la Night of the Living Dead and Maximum Overdrive) but may work in this case.  In the end it could be more brainless fun but that’s just my opinion.  Legion premiers in wide release on January 22, 2010.

Next up and the final trailer for this week, we have the Milla Jovovich (is it just me or does she get more beautiful with age?) thriller The Fourth Kind.  Again, this trailer gives you everything you’d need to know so have a look…we’ll reconvene in 2 minutes and 25 seconds…


I have to say that of all the ‘based on actual events’ films that have been made this looks like were so much closer to seeing something actually worth the price of admission and the chance at seeing something exciting on screen after being let down by the likes of Fire in the Sky, White Noise, The Exorcism of Emily Rose among others.  Also, aside from Milla, I have always wanted to see more of Elias Koteas in films…no, not just because I was a fan of him as ‘Casey Jones’ in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…well OK that is the only reason…but hey, I like who I like.  Got a problem with that?  Then go on the internet and complain:P   The Fourth Kind comes out November 6th.

In closing, these films do look incredibly intriguing and I am looking forward to them both.  What about you at home?  Any takers??  Have a great weekend…I’m off to see District 9.  Look forward to sharing with you!!