Site Update: G-S-T Rating System

Hello World, Marc here:

We have recently changed our site’s name to Go,See,Talk! and among the other planned changes that will come with it, one item arose that needed addressing; our review/rating system.  While we don’t have anything standardized (like say “thumbs” or “stars” or even numbers) we used to have our own little creative device, which tied to our old name when we were G-C-T.  In the past, if we loved something, its a Great Cinematic Treasure, and if we hated something, it is Great Cinematic Trash.  So now Go,See,Talk! we will keep those rating designations but we realize we were missing an intermediate rating system for vast middle ground between those extremes.

After some thoughts, debates and a few beers, we now have a way to determine (and subsequently let you all know) if we like or dislike a movie beyond the “Love It“, or “Hate It” rulings that “Treasure” and “Trash” respectively denote.

Go,See,Talk! will now (under the “Ruling” heading of our reviews) feature a “G-S-T Seal of Approval” rating which will contain three additional categories:

APPROVED (liked it)

PENDING (not sure)

DENIED (didn’t like it)

Since there are a lot of films we feel fit in the middle ground, we want to be fair and think this will help convey our opinions.  This new system will constitute the majority of our reviews.  We will still keep use Treasure/Trash for those rare gems/supreme stinkers, but we’ll only bring out those big guns when the cinematic occasion calls for it.

Lastly, we have attempted to go back to our previous reviews and reevaluate our decisions based on this new system.   We’ve found this a more fair assessment, and we’re happier with the ratings.  We hope this continues to work in the future and we hope you will agree as well.