G-S-T Review…Gimme Shelter

Think of Ron Krauss’ Gimme Shelter as the next phase in Vanessa Hudgen’s plan to recalibrate her career; it’s the continued tale of how she’s graduated from high school musicals and shed her Disney skin in an attempt to become a bona fide Actress. Truthfully, Hudgens doesn’t really need to tinker with her image much […]

Sweet Trailer…Gareth Edwards' 'Godzilla'

After the chilly to flat-out disdainful reception Guillermo del Toro’s tribute to giant monsters (and the giant robots who fight them), Pacific Rim, saw this past July, one might question the wisdom of bringing the most iconic movie behemoth of all time, Godzilla, back into the fold via mainstream blockbusting. Yet that’s exactly what Gareth Edwards, the man […]

Sweet Trailer…'300: Rise of an Empire'

Eight years after Zack Snyder’s 300 hit theaters and rapidly became a joke through a relentless parade of Internet memes, we’re finally getting the sequel-prequel-recap that nobody wanted. Fortunately, the first trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire makes Noam Murro’s contribution to the story of Sparta’s war with Xerxes look pretty good; if the […]

Henry Selick's 'The Shadow King' Finally Getting Made (Again)

Any news about upcoming Henry Selick projects is good news. Except when it’s bad news. Like the news yesterday that his latest film– The Shadow King— came to a halt after it lost funding not once, but twice, and from two entirely separate sources. That’s pretty much the definition of a “king bummer” right there, […]

'Days of Future Past' Cast to Include Paquin, Page, and Ashmore

Unlike many, I didn’t find myself falling head over heels for X-Men: First Class; it’s decent, but I can’t praise a movie wholesale for being a few rungs higher on the ladder than X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Taking my sustained indifference toward the series into account, I may be utterly the […]

Billy Madison and Ace Ventura Could Be Guardians

One offer decline later, casting rumors continue for James Gunn’s 2014 superhero film, Guardians of the Galaxy. The start of the new year saw rumors cropping up over Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s possible involvement in the picture– he would have played the lead– but it only took about a week for him to turn the role down* […]

Spielberg Uncancels the Robopocalypse

Earlier this week The Hollywood Reporter acted as the bearer of some pretty disappointing news, announcing that Steven Spielberg’s follow-up to Lincoln— an adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s science fiction novel Robopocalypse— is being put on ice for an indeterminate period of time. That’s a king bummer of a bulletin if I’ve ever seen one; […]