G-S-T Review…Drafthouse Films’ The Keeping Room

Simply stated in the title cards of ​Daniel Barber‘s bleak and understated narrative, “War is cruelty“​. And at the start of ​his film, ​Barber spends little time getting to the needless and hateful violence of people all but removed from morals, and the gravity of their actions. Hardships and loneliness for women abound, and The Keeping […]

G-S-T Review…I Origins

What if you were living your life entirely unaware that a whole other world existed in tandem with your own? It’s not The Matrix but it’s an equally heady concept and very thought provoking question like that which Mike Cahill (writer/director Another Earth) asks of the audience. Yet that’s just the beginning of the topics […]

ALL PASSES CLAIMED – Advance Screening Passes to ‘I ORIGINS’ in DALLAS, TX

Attention: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – All passes have been claimed. Thanks for your interest in Fox Searchlight’s I ORIGINS. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Go,See,Talk is partnering with Fox Searchlight Pictures to give Dallas area film fans FREE passes to a special “Advance Screening” of I ORIGINS starring Michael Pitt, Brit Marling and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey. This screening will take place in DALLAS, TX on Tuesday, July […]

Video Interview…’I Origins’ Actor Michael Pitt and Writer/Director Mike Cahill

In this interview we sit with actor Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) and writer/director Mike Cahill (Another Earth) to talk about Fox Searchlight’s complex and mind-blowing film I Origins. A sly sci-fi picture, one that’s more idea driven than effects driven, it explores ideas of science, religion and is bound to start up conversations and discussions […]

“What’s New on Blu?” – Week of 09/16/13

Whether you rent or buy movies, Blu-ray offers the ultimate in sight and sound. Streaming is convenient, but if you plan on watching the movie more than once, you need Blu. So, What’s New On Blu? you ask. Well, good, bad or indifferent, Go,See,Talk offers up a trio of titles that are being released each […]

G-S-T Review…The East

Hot off the success of Sound of My Voice Zal Batmanglij and his partner in crime Brit Marling take their focused engaging narrative/shooting style and apply it to The East, a throwback to the classic 70’s style thrillers. The East follows Sarah (Brit Marling), an operative for an elite private intelligence firm whose first assignment is to […]

Video Interview…’The East’ Writer/Director Zal Batmanglij and Star Brit Marling

In Fox Searchlight’s The East, Sarah Moss (Brit Marling) is a brilliant operative for an elite private intelligence firm whose top objective is to ruthlessly protect the interests of their A-list corporate clientele. She is assigned to go undercover to infiltrate an anarchist collective known for executing covert attacks upon major corporations. Living amongst them in […]

Sweet Trailer…'The Company You Keep'

A few months back we posted the festival trailer for Robert Redford‘s The Company You Keep prior to its showing at TIFF. It got mixed reviews but managed to keep pace and handle the top drawer acting talent pretty well we hear. Yahoo movies has released the official theatrical trailer and it gives a little […]

G-S-T Trailer Round-Up: Upside Dunst, Inside Oscar Isaac, Imperiled Capitals and Brit Marling Just Because We Love Her So

If you’ve had a rough week and you feel like you’re free-floating through life, let me pull you back down to Earth with a brand-new collection of freshly-released trailers– starting with Upside Down, a movie which I’m equally resistant to on intellectual and gastrointestinal grounds. Seriously, watch this clip and tell me it didn’t make you […]

Sweet Trailer…Robert Redford's ‘The Company You Keep’

Last month we posted the first promo images from Robert Redford‘s upcoming film The Company You Keep. Well hot off Lawless (check out our review here) Shia LaBeouf may continue to impress us as a capable thespian and not be the man-faced boy running from autonomous robots. In the film, Jim Grant (Redford) is a widowed […]

Ohhh, Look…Brit Marling, Shia LaBeouf and Robert Redford in 'The Company You Keep'

Robert Redford‘s upcoming film The Company You Keep is based on Neil Gordon’s novel of the same name. It tells the tale of a civil rights lawyer named Jim Grant (played by Robert Redford) and single father who go on the run when a brash young reporter (played by Shia LaBeouf) exposes his true identity […]

G-S-T Review…Sound of My Voice

Following the success of her previous film Another Earth, Brit Marling gives us a new story, on par with Christopher Nolan level brilliance, that similarly messes with your mind and your beliefs. Sound of My Voice is about a purported time traveler, only there’s no machine, no demarcation of time, no futuristic setting or locales and probably most depressing of […]