Interview…Composer Reinhold Heil Discusses Scoring Helix for Syfy

Reinhold Heil is a German-born, L.A.-based Golden Globe nominated film and television composer. Prior to Reinhold’s career as a film composer, he was well known throughout Germany and Europe for his monster synth chops. At 21, he became a fixture in the Berlin music scene as the keyboardist of a popular jazz funk fusion band, […]

Ohhh, Look…First Clip from ‘Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini’

To anyone who knows anything about horror films (both campy or iconic) Tom Savini is more than a special effects icon. He is a bona fide superstar. Sure you’ve seen his face in From Dusk Till Dawn and Dawn of the Dead, but his real talent lies behind the camera creating the legendary effects in films […]

Hauling Ass Or Dragging Foot: The Great Zombie Debate

Halloween is fast approaching and as this time of year is ripe with ghosts, goblins and all things goulish I thought it’d be appropriate to take a look at everyone’s favorite undead manace – The Zombie. As everyone knows there are two types: the slow moving Zombie (SMZ) or the Olympic sprinter Zombie (OSZ). If ever anyone asked, “What […]

G-S-T Top 10 – Flicks for Halloween

While the “Horror genre” is not my cup of tea, there are some films that I really enjoy watching. They are well done and really scare the crap out of me which is just what you’d want from a Halloween flick right? It’s not that I like horror films but each of these on this […]

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2010

Hello World, Marc Here: While I would like to state that this post will provide extensive coverage of the 5th Annual Texas Frightmare Weekend, alas that would be a lie. We at Go, See,Talk have far too little time and money to devote to a festival/convention, no matter how awesome it may be. That said, I […]

Sorry Romero, the "Zombie Genre" Has Gotten Flawed

Over the past few weeks I have been becoming re-acquainted with my favorite zombie films. My personal un-holy trinity of “zead” flicks has to be the original Night of the Living Dead, the Zack Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead and Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead. The three together showcase the simultaneous fun/fear factor of Zombie films, the […]

Sweet Trailer…'The Crazies'

Ask anyone who’s a film fan and they’ll tell you that George A. Romero gets credited with starting the zombie genre.  Although zombie films are my guilty pleasure, his sequels are starting to get a little thin and tired but it’s awesome to how his films have inspired the likes of other “zead” aficionados like Simon Pegg and […]